To make the journey more exciting and thrilling, there are markings at every turn painted in blue and yellow on stones. The mountain is a site of pilgrimage, because of the Arapaleeswarar temple, but the area is also popular with Motor cycle enthusiasts because of the high altitude motor-able terrain with 70 hairpin bends. At every bend we had to be very cautious as there runs many local state buses who drive very fast and rough.

When we reached the top, it was little foggy and we captured few moments. Lying at an altitude of over 1, meters above sea level, the charming homestays in Kolli Hills offer a serene stay in the lap of mother nature. Since it was a long and tiring we immediately went to sleep after our dinner. The bends are so sharp and steep that it becomes very difficult to control the car if a big vehicle is coming from the other side. You need to climb down steps to reach the waterfall.

We had booked the hotel through makemytrip. We had booked our car from Revv. If you are travelling Bangalore to Kolli hills by train, the railway station you need to get down is Salem but Bangalore to Kolli Hills road travel through Bangalore to Kolli hills cab is the best option.

They had provided us with complimentary breakfast — idli, Vada, Dosa, Puri, Sheera — it was so fulfilling that we were unable to eat the full breakfast. We handed over our car to Revv person at the airport and went to board our flight to Mumbai. A view of Kolli Hills, from the plain of Namakkal will look like a flat-topped table.

You need to take left from NH7 towards Rasipuram and then ask for directions. We had buffet breakfast at the hotel. The major rivers traversing the hills are Aiyar, Varattar etc.

The road conditions to the waterfall is not good. We started our journey from Mumbai. Hotel Sanu International was decent hotel. We had our breakfast at airport and waited for our rented car.

At present Kolli Hills could be reached through a ghat road which was 70 hairpins bends. Keep cash in hand. We had our dinner at Dominos. There is also a popular Seekuparai viewpoint and the Agaya Gangai Falls in just a few kilometers from Semmedu. Cards are not widely accepted.

kollimalai ghat road

Located in Tamil Nadu. We took an early morning flight to Bangalore and landed at 8 AM. Kolli hills are accessible by air, train or roads. On the way back we booked our hotel online, Vistara Inn on highway near Shoolagiri. Crossing the 70 sharp hairpin bends, counting at each bend the nos we completed and the nos we are yet to complete. Then we continued our journey to Namakkal. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Silverline Retreat 5. By Train: They are part of the Eastern Ghats, which is a mountain range that runs mostly parallel to the east coast of South India.

It had limited option for food. We also had a limitation in finding decent accommodation as its scarcely populated area with few options available.Post a Comment. Sunday, March 8, Kollimalai Kolli Hills. Kollihills - Kollimalai is a very scenic and not-so-often visited hill-station in Tamilnadu.

Kollimalai, 55 km from Namakkal, is fertile and serene hills and homes several spices, exotic tropical fruits, and medicinal vegetation. A weekend trip is idle to be planned for this destination.

Kolli Hills is a part of Eastern ghats and well known for a road trip for the 70 hairpin bends it hosts! There isn't much to see apart from the amazing Akasha Gangai waterfalls and a couple of viewpoints. The plan was to stay put for the night either in Rasipuram or Attur; and, then drive to Kolli hills in the morning.

We did not book any rooms because we were concerned about the Friday evening traffic and how much we could cover. Fortunately, there wasn't much traffic and we reached Attur by 10 PM. We stayed in Hotel Raj Krishna in Attur. Probably the only one. The rooms were just ok for a night. Don't expect it to be too much for a night rather than basic amenities and cleanliness was just ok. There are several routes that Google maps would recommend; often through the mud roads to Kollimalai.

Please do point to a specific location in Kollimalai like a viewpoint or the most popular Arapaleeswarar temple rather than typing as Kolli Hills. The most important point to note is that the ghat road with 70 hairpin bends is the most exciting part of the journey.

Do follow the route recommended at the top of the blog for the best experience. Posted by Karthik R at PM. Labels: Hill StationsNatureTamilnadu.

kollimalai ghat road

No comments:. Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Ghat Roads are access routes into the mountainous Western and Eastern Ghatsmountain ranges of the Indian Subcontinent. These roads are remarkable feats of engineering and most were constructed during the British Raj. Ghat roads were built to connect to the famous Hill Stations established in the mountains for residents to avoid summer heat. They generally served to connect coastal sea side areas with the upper region Deccan plateau of the Indian Subcontinent.

There are many roads in India which can be classed as Ghat Roads. The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has most of the ghat roads. It is one of the very dangerous ghat roads in eastern ghats. It is connected with the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

There are two roads dornala to srisailam another one is bramanapalli to srisailam. It is situated on southern Nallamala forest on Chennai to Kadapa national highway between Kadapa and Rayachoty Road is very scenic during monsoon season. It is situated on northern Nallamala Forest, between Giddalur and Nandyal ,the road connects Kurnool and Kadapa districts. It is situated in Adilabad district of Telangana State.

The road is scenic and surrounded by dense Forest and crosses two falls namely Poccheru and Kuntala falls. Horsley hills is a hill station in Chittor district.

Kolli Hills

Madanapalle is the nearest town to Horsley hills. Ghat road starts from Madanapalle. It has 12 has hairpin bends.

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It is a hill station in Vishakapatnam district of Coastal Andhra region. It has several ghat roads. Lambasingi ghat road is very famous and scenic.Like someone once said.

kollimalai ghat road

This monster of a ride always intrigued us since we have to ride through 70 consecutive hair pin bends to get to the top. The most we had done until now was 36 which was in Ooty. This was almost double that. So naturally we were excited when we finally decided to check this off of our list.

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We started the journey from Bangalore on a cool morning. Watched as the sun rose alongside the road. We have been through this highway NH7 plenty of times now and it has come to be one of our favorites to ride on.

This stretch of 4 lane drive until Rasipuram will keep you longing for more. Pleasant weather, beautiful vistas, and of course the roar of the Royal Enfield. Enough to put me in a better mood any day. The road is excellent until Rasipuram. You need to take left from NH7 towards Rasipuram and then ask for directions. A relatively small patch of road just before the Ghat road is pretty bad. But apart from that, we found no reason to complaint.

This ride up the winding roads with beautiful panoramas stretching as far as the eyes can see was mesmerizing. The lush green forests surrounding those monstrous curves added to the beauty of the place.

kollimalai ghat road

I got to see pine cone trees for the first time ever, oh they are so pretty. The roads are strewn with tiny pine cones. Since this quaint hill station is situated about m above MSL, we were hoping the temperature would drop as we ascended the hills. But unfortunately, we were disappointed.

This was mostly because we visited this place smack in the middle of summer. Slowly but steadily, we devoured the hairpin bends one by one. The feeling you get when you complete this last stretch is something I cannot put in words.

Stay: We stayed at Nallathambi Resort. There are very few stay option up there and many of them had very bad reviews on Trip Advisor.The road features 70 continuous hairpin bends. The road starts from Kalappanaickenpatti.

Kolli Hills, the road with 70 hairpin bends

Riding through these hairpin bends is an exhilarating experience. Up to around the 25th hairpin bend, the road is great. After that the road is quite bad - pot holes and patches. Some of the hairpin bends are very narrow and do not have space for two vehicles to take the turn.

The views of the plains below are beautiful and the dense green tropical forests surrounding the hairpin bends adds to the charm. The road is a ghat road: the name of the access routes into the mountainous Western and Eastern Ghats mountain ranges of the Indian Subcontinent. These roads are remarkable feats of engineering and most date back to British times. Ghat roads were built to connect to the famous Hill Stations of the Indian Subcontinent.

The roads are pretty decent except for some slightly bad stretches hitting the hairpin bends. The 70 hairpin bends, which are spread across a little more than fifteen kilometres are nearly continuous and it is indeed a pleasure to drive on these winding roads.

The spot is famous for Agaya Gangai waterfalls and a Shiva temple. It can be visited all round the year except for the month of January as the temperatures drop down considering the altitude of this picturesque destination.

The hairpin bends are numbered. Starting from Karavalli, at meters above the sea level, the ascent is The elevation gain is meters. The average gradient is 4. Share YOUR roads! We want your experiences too! Do you know any spectacular road? Click here to send us all the info, and we'll publish it!

Scenic drives in Norway. Romanian high altitude roads. Highest accesible towns by car. Longest straight roads in the world. Highest asphalted roads of Europe. Highest vehicular tunnels in the world.

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The world's northernmost road ends. Most hairpinned roads in the world.An amazing but dangerous road with 70 continuous hairpin bends. This scenic mountain highway has a length of The road that starts in Kalappanaickenpatti is an exhilarating and beautiful experience.

It goes through dense tropical forest with panoramic views of the lush green plains below. The mountain features the Arapaleeswarar temple that receives many pilgrims.

Ettukkai Amman was the local deity who, according to a legend, chased away the demons from the mountains with her enchanting smile. Due to scenic waterfalls, the area is extremely popular with hikers. Semmedu is an excellent spot to stop on the road for lunch, tea or coffee. Also, it has beautiful pepper plantations and paddy fields. There is also a popular Seekuparai viewpoint and the Agaya Gangai Falls in just a few kilometers from Semmedu. My Wishlist Sign In.

Best time to visit India. Last updated: Dec 10, Best time all year round. Kolli Hills Road Featured in asia India. The Atlantic Ocean Road. Ma Pi Leng Pass. Golden Circle. Transfagarasan Road Trip. The Death Road Camino a los Yungas. Grossglockner High Alpine Road. King's Highway. Alpine Loop Scenic Drive. Passage du Gois. Guardsman Pass.

Great Ocean Road. Gotthard Pass. Zion-Mount Carmel Highway. Touring the Grand Loop. Bear Lake Road. Conor Pass. Shafer Trail.

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Before we go ahead, take a look at the dangerous hair pin bends that a traveler has to get through in order to reach the mesmerizing hilltop of these Hills. Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu can be visited all round the year except for the month of January as the temperatures drop down considering the altitude of this picturesque destination. In all the other months Kolli Hill weather is quite pleasant. Hence, the best time to visit Kolli Hills is from February to December.

Also, since there are limited number of attractions, an ideal duration of 2 to 3 days would be enough to explore the best of the Hills. Here is the list of places that you must visit on your vacation in this destination. Keep scrolling down and read along! Image Source With a rich culture and historical significance that dates back to as long as the 1st century CE, the Arapaleeswarar Temple was built by the then-ruler Valvil Ori. Dedicated to Lord Shiva and a crucial part of Kolli Hills sightseeingthe temple stands as a witness to the great Dravidian style of architecture till today.

Image Source Located at a distance of just 3 kilometers from Semmedu, the Botanical is one of the best places to visit in Kolli Hills. Located on the way to Vaasaloorpatti while going back from Semmedu, the medicinal plants, shrubs, and herbs grown at this farm are widely used in the production of Unani, Siddha, and Ayurvedic products to a great extent in India.

Kolli Hills Is The Scenic Road Trip You Must Take From Bangalore

Check out the list of things you can do to make your trip extra special. A notable part of the Eastern Ghats and located in the famous Kolli Hills, the Agaya Gangai Waterfalls or the Kollimalai Fallsmeasures upto feet, comprises of about a steps descending to the base, and is much famed amidst the trekkers. The Kolli Hills Falls trail stretching up to a distance of just 1 kilometer from the Arapaleeswarar Temple, a trek to Agaya Gangai waterfalls is a vital part of the hills trekking in Tamil Nadu.

This is one of the best Kolli hills tourist places. Located at a distance of about five kilometers from the city center of Vasalurpatty, the boat house is built on an artificial lake which is one of the popular places to visit in Kolli Hills. The serene lake is encircled by the lush green landscape of the hills which makes is it one of the must experiences in this destination. Fit for only one or two people to enter the caves at a time, it is believed that the Siddhar Caves are encircled by medicinal herbs on all sides which is also a specialty of Kolli Hills.

Considered to be centuries old, Siddhar caves served as a home to the sages who practiced traditional medicine and natural healing.

Ghat Roads

If you are thinking to explore the places near Kolli hill, then here is the list of few of the best places. Keep scrolling down to know more! Image Source Soon to be a smart citythe city of Salem famous for silver, silk, and steel.

Located in a close proximity to Kolli Hills, Salem serves as a perfect delight to travelers who want to explore the nearby places as well. Considered to be one of the famous pilgrimage sites in Tamil Nadu, Madurai is a must visit city on your next trip to South India.

Coffee, pepper, rice, and honey, are some of the popular things to buy for those who feel like shopping in SolakkaduKolli Hills. Traditional varieties of fruits are also famous in the local shopping markets called the shandy which are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Looking for a comfortable accomadation in Kolli Hills?

Here is the list of the best ones which will provide you remarkable services. Take a look! Though most of the hotels are more like Kolli Hills homestaysthe Silverline Retreat Hotel is one of the best accommodation options one can get at this beautiful hill station.

Offering affordable rooms in Kolli Hills combined with ultimate comfort and perfect environs, one must stay at Silverline Retreat Hotel to make the most out of the escapade in Kolli Hills. Considered to be one of the best Kolli hills hotels and resorts, Nallathambi Resort is a perfect resort for family, couples, and groups as well. Image Source Though this beautiful hill station is not directly accessible by air or by train, it makes for an apt destination for a perfect bike trip or a long drive.

However, Kolli Hills can be reached easily from the nearby cities of Chennai, and Salem. By Air: Trichy domestic airport is the closest airstrip from the hill station of Kolli Hills.